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Clean Your Air Cond Blower Filter

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Clean Your Persona Air Cond Blower Filter

Problem with your proton persona air cond system?sometimes after running almost 9000km, persona air-conditioner blower system become slow. It was cold but the blower just like 1/4 turning on even we set it up to half button.

Actually there is no problem with your aircond system but the blower filter itself got stuck. Pictures below will show you how to clean your aircond blower system by yourself.

Step by Step how to clean your Proton Persona Air Conditioner blower Filter.

1. Look at below the dashboard. Push and open the blower filter panel.

2. Take out the filter and clean it. You can wash the filter and dry it quickly.

3. This is how the clean blower filter look like. Put back the filter into the blower box carefully.

Very easy and can save your money and your time by visiting service center just want to clean your blower filter. Good Luck!

Note : Do it by yourself at your risk.


Sold already.!@ RM 38k.
Now driving Toyota Avanza...

Proton Persona For sale

Lastly...decided to letgo my lovely proton persona. Next is MPV. Family makin ramai daa...

Persona IAFM Auto 2008 M-Line
RM 42000 nego.

Location Putrajaya.


Problem Solve

According to my previous post.
about canister and power steering valve. Both problem settled!

Replace canister then my engine running smooth and silent.
Same with my power steering valve, settle my kelukk keluk sounds while making U-turn.
Service centre said, no new proton persona coming with power steering valve. It been fixed by
service centre when got complain from owner. So you guys, quickly go to service centre when got keluk keluk sounds when making U-turn..:)

Persona Problem

Done regular service at 44k mileage.
Engine sounds tep tep tep. It was canistor problem. Order and wait 2 weeks
until service centre call me back.

Another sound like 'kelukkkk' when make U-turn or hard cornering.
Mechanic said, it was steering valve problem. Order and wait for 2 weeks also.

Lucky it was in warranty period...will update soon when finish changing both item.

Ron 95

Sedikit komen mengenai pengalaman penggunaan minyak Ron 95.

Sejak jun 09 saya guna minyak petronas RON95, akhirnya saya bertukar juga kepada minyak shell ron 95. Semuanya bermula apabila saya tak puas hati dengan prestasi kereta proton persona saya sejak ron 95 diperkenalkan ke seluruh negara bermula 1 sept 09.

Untuk pengetahuan pembaca, Ron 95 diperkenalkan lebih awal di stesen petronas presint 9 Putrajaya iaitu pada JUn 09. Sejak itu saya guna ROn 95 stesen petronas. Tetapi apabila ianya diperkenalkan ke seluruh negara pada September 2009, kualiti Ron 95 petronas tidak sesuai lagi untuk kereta proton persona saya. Minyak terasa lebih banyak dan kereta menjadi semakin lembap.

Entah mana silapnya....hmmm....saya pun beralih mencuba kepada Ron 95 Esso, Caltex, BHP dan Shell. Dalam banyak2 minyak ni, Ron 95 Caltex memberikan saya yang terbaik, namun oleh kerana tiada caltex sekitar putrajaya, saya memilih untuk mengisi di Stesen minyak Shell presint 8 putrajaya.

Secara peribadi, saya katakan minyak ron 95 shell lebih baik dari ron 95 petronas. Mungkin additive yan digunakan shell lebih baik ataupun enjin proron persona saya lebih sukakan shell?Walauapapun, setiap orang mempunyai pandangan dan pengalaman sendiri. Buatlah pilihan yang terbaik dalam memilih minyak ROn 95 yang terbaik.

Variants of Proton Persona

Proton Persona comes in 5 variants:

1.6 Base Line Model - 2 variants (AT and MT).
This variant is a Base model with 4 power windows, CD player and basic features. Click here for full Base-Line specification.

1.6 Medium Line Model - 2 variants (AT and MT).
This variant is the Medium range model and has additional features from the Base Line variant, such as driver's airbag, alloy rims, foldable rear seats, MP3 player and electric door mirror. More about Medium-Line.

1.6 High Line Model (Only available in AT).
This variant is an extension of the Medium range variant, with features such as dual airbags, ABS, and EBD. High-Line Spec.

Latest Proton Persona SE
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